Rule your signature.
Empower your brand.

Relax, it’s so easy to use

Your communication,
with harmonization.

Upload your logo and Letsignit will automatically detect
your brand’s dominant color to create templates
according to your brand identity.
Letsignit Drag & Drop editor: Simple to use and
no need for HTML skills.

unleash your creativity

One campaign
to rule them all.

Multiply the impact of your marketing campaigns by
relaying them in your email signatures! You can choose
which collaborators will be targeted by which campaign
and for how long.

For example, effectively distribute a special offer campaign to
your sales representatives during the summer sales!

Modularity for more clarity

your audience.

Measure your email signatures’ ROI by collecting
clicks. Identify who is the best performer for each
signature or campaign!

people lie, numbers don't

faster than lightning.

Connect Letsignit with Azure AD or G Suite Directory
to automatically synchronize employee database &
directory groups.

No worries if you prefer to do it manually or via .csv

let's get together

Simplicity is all about
good accessibility.

Automatically push email signatures on each new
email on Outlook thanks to our Letsignit App
(available for Mac & Windows / no
administrator rights needed).
Users can preview signatures before sending and
also check/modify coordinates.

Plug & play: in one click, distribute email signatures
on Office 365 webmail & G Suite thanks to our
Letsignit API.

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close to you.

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